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Here are 7 games added to the GeForce Now library
As you know, GeForce Now shares the games it adds to its library with its subscribers every week, in case there is no mishap. This week’s games were also announced recently. 7 entertaining productions were presented to the users.

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There are some remarkable productions among this week’s games. Examples of these are PC Building Simulator, produced by The Irregular Corporation and Romanian independent developer Claudiu Kiss. The production, which is perfect for those who are interested in collecting computers, is now playable on GeForce Now.

Here are 7 games added to the platform this week:

BattleBeasts (Steam)
Moving Out (Epic Games Store)
Operencia: The Stolen Sun (Steam)
PC Building Simulator (Epic Games Store)
Salt and Sanctuary (Epic Games Store)
Wargroove (Steam)
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In addition, it should be noted that GeForce Now is not yet included in the price reductions made after the recent decline in the exchange rate. Apart from that, a new subscription package called Weekly Premium has been added to the platform recently. With the weekly subscription package, players who can play the most popular games for 7 days without freezing will pay 44.9 TL in return.

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A Scientist’s Frightening Claim About Humanity’s ‘Future in Space’: Colonists Could Be Cannibals. Humanity has been dreaming of what it would be like to colonize other planets, especially since space exploration gains momentum. However, a scientist argues that if things don’t go well, the inhabitants of the colony may become ‘cannibals’.

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With technology gaining a new dimension every year, the limits of science continue to be exceeded. Only a few centuries ago, very little information was available even about planets in the Solar System. But right now we can get fascinating visuals from all over the universe. Our news about the best space photos of 2021 emphasizes this.


The idea of ​​establishing colonies on other planets or moons of other planets occupies a special place among the studies carried out in the field of space. In this period when our exploration vehicles are roaming on Mars, many people think, “When will it be people’s turn?” question is included. Although the idea of ​​establishing colonies and habitats outside Earth sounds exciting, Charles Cockell, professor of astrobiology at Edinburgh University, points out that colonies can have some frightening consequences.

Speaking to the media organization Metro, Cockell emphasizes an issue that experts also draw attention to. Stating that it is possible to experience a ‘food shortage’ in colonies established in space, Cockell states that if the farming studies do not yield results and if extra food supplements cannot be sent from Earth, the inhabitants of the colony may enter the path of cannibalism.

As an example, Cockell cites Sir John Franklin and his crew who, in 1845, explored the Arctic Ocean to find the Northwest Passage and then disappeared and became cannibalistic when their food ran out despite their state-of-the-art technology. He argues that people living in space colonies can also take such an action when all remedies are exhausted. Stating that every possibility should be considered and precautions should be taken before colonizing the Moon, Mars or Jupiter’s moon Callisto, Cockell said, “If you are going to leave 20 people in a deadly environment hundreds of millions of kilometers from Earth, you better take all the possibilities into account and take precautions. Because if things don’t go well, you may face a dark picture in a short time.