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After breakfast at the hotel, the Tsar-Minar minaret, which makes Bukhara a unique spiritual city in the world, the tomb of Ismail Samani, the tomb of Magaki Attari, the Prophet Eyyub fountain and tomb, Uluğ Bey madrasah, Bolo Pool mosque, Ark castle, Lebi Pool mosque, Poyi Kalon complex: Kalan minaret, Mir Arap madrasah, Kalan mausoleum excursions. Visiting the tombs of Bahauddin Shah-i Naqshbandi and his mothers. Lunch during the tour. Dinner and overnight in Bukhara.

Morning breakfast at the hotel. We are going to Shahrisabz (Green City), the birthplace of Timur. After the arrival at noon and a lunch break, we start our tour of Shahrisabz. On our tour today: The Ak-Palace from the Timurid period, the tomb of Cihangir Shah, Timur’s grandson, the tomb of his teacher Sheikh Şemsettin Gülal, the 15th century. We will see Gumbez-i Seyidan and Gök-Gumbez (Kümbet) Mosque from the period. Then we will continue on our way to Samarkand. Arrival in Samarkand in the evening and check-in at the hotel. Dinner and overnight in Samarkand.

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Morning breakfast at the hotel. In our all-day city tour, the Registan square in the city of Samarkand, where inventions that still shed light on science in the world are made: Uluğ Bey madrasah, Shirdar madrasa, Tilla Kari madrasah; Visiting places such as Bibi Hanım Mosque, Shahi Zinda tomb, Gur-I Emir tomb, Hazrat Daniyar tomb. Dinner and overnight in Samarkand.

After breakfast at the hotel, the continuation of the city tour of Samarkand: Visit to Imam-i Buhari tomb and kulliye, Uluğ Bey observatory, We will see the Samarkand Paper made of mulberry wood. Shopping at the Siyob Market. Departure to Tashkent after lunch. Arrival in Tashkent. Dinner with folklore show at a local restaurant in Tashkent.

Transfer to Tashkent Airport. Departure for Istanbul at 02:40 with flight numbered TK-371. Arrival in Istanbul at 05:45 in the morning. Tashkent: “Grand Mir” Hotel or similar (3 nights)

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Kokand: “Silk Road” Hotel or similar (1 night)
Khiva: “Bek Khiva” Hotel or similar (1 night)
Bukhara: “Omar Khayam” Hotel or similar (2 nights)
Samarkand: “Orient Star” Hotel or similar(2 nights)
3580 USD

Dear friend, we kindly ask you to carefully read the explanations below and to register for our tour after reading and accepting these explanations. Making the first payment to the tour means that you accept the terms written below. That’s why I suggest you read it carefully.
According to the agreement with the tour company, our tour is for 15 people. If this number is undershot, the tour company has the right to cancel the tour. Payments are not refunded for those who want to cancel the tour registration without a valid excuse (he or his 1st degree relatives can be documented and have a health problem or death condition that prevents them from participating in this trip) although they have registered for the tour.

We ask you to decide on this trip well in advance. We also know that our lives don’t always go as planned. In case of being unable to participate in the tour due to a health problem, the maximum amount of your payment will be refunded to you. However, this cancellation should not harm the agency. Air tickets are purchased by the agency on your behalf, and deposits are paid to hotels and various transportation companies (bus-train etc.). I want you to be sure that the agency will return you the other part, except for the part that it cannot take. Those who have attended our previous trips know what we mean and that we have not caused anyone any harm.

We kindly ask you to carefully read the tour program and the explanations at the end of the tour and to register for our tour after reading and accepting these explanations. Making the first payment to the tour means that you accept the conditions written below. Although all of our tours are conducted on the basis of mutual goodwill and trust, we wish you to read the following points carefully. When registering for the tour, you have been informed how the tour fee will be paid.

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We kindly ask you to pay attention to the payment dates and pay until the last payment day. The cost of the tour must be paid until 21 days before the tour. If the payment is not completed until 21 days before the tour, your reservation will be canceled without notice. In this case, 35% withdrawal compensation will be invoiced to you. While registering for the tour, the tour company will provide you with Travel Health Insurance. Please read your insurance policy and carefully read what is covered by the insurance. This insurance does not cover any guarantee regarding your cancellation, even if it is compulsory, before and after your trip.