Cleopatra gave birth to twins Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selen in 40 BC. After the death of his wife Fulvia, Antony married Octavius’ sister Octavia, as a result of a temporary agreement with Octavius. sekurigi In 37 BC, Antony thought that it was impossible to make an agreement with Octavius, so he ended his marriage with Octavius ​​and returned to the East, that is, to Cleopatra.

Antony needed the economic power of Cleopatra for the Parthian expedition he wanted to organize. In return, Cleopatra demanded back most of the lands of Lebanon, Syria and Egypt. The Parthian expedition was an expensive one and ended in failure. Despite this, Antony was greeted with celebrations in Alexandria. malla espaldera In the celebrations, Cleopatra and Antony sat on golden thrones and their children were slightly below them. Antony declared Ptolemy Caesar to be Julius Caesar’s son and argued that he was his true heir.